Software – redefining the automotive industry ecosystem

Embedded Software is gaining significance and is all ubiquitous in today’s automotive industry. Present day cars are equipped with a host of embedded systems like navigation, in-vehicle infotainment, cruise control, telematics, safety systems and much more, all enabled by embedded software comprised of the operating system, development tools, and industry specific international standards.

Automotive sector follows certain standards to ensure quality because of the extensive OEM and 2nd and 3rd tier supply chain mechanism.  The software that goes into the applications from the diverse contributors should adhere to the standards like ISO 26262 functional safety standard and Motor Industry Software Reliability Association’s C coding standards (MISRA-C) to ensure the software code quality and compliance goal across the supply chain spectrum.

Automotive industry’s nature of constant change in demand for more complex systems, shorter product life cycles are driving software providers to remain competitive and constantly evolve the embedded software development process into a more standardized, scalable, reliable and safer one. In addition, high code quality, reuse, and productivity should be achieved with testing using the automated testing tools thus ensuring faster time to market for new projects. Furthermore, validating the code for specific market conditions are important for companies supplying to the global market.

Innovations are transforming the automotive industry and it is happening with the primary shift from mechanical to prominently software and electronics based innovations. According to suggestions from a recent study conducted by IBM Institute for Business Value the electronics and software usage increase in the automotive industry is led by five key drivers:  Competition, Product differentiation, Legislation, customer Expectations, Technology Innovations.

With software playing the major part in lot of design, operational and functional aspects of modern cars, continuous innovation among competitors and quick updates on the functionalities are going to be the industry phenomenon. Connected cars are going to be the order of the day with due importance to upgradeability, cyber security, and road safety.

New developments, changes, and innovations are faster in Automotive sector and embedded technology is at the forefront of emerging trends. Automotive companies that proactively adapt and drive these changes by building solid proficiency in software development or engage with a technology services provider who has the necessary capability is important to redefine their role in the industry.

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